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A Newbie Guide to Information Products

A Newbie Guide to Information Products : Browse any search engine for quotes about information or knowledge, and what follows will be a cornucopia of results attributed to some of the greatest thinkers in world history. The underlying theme in most is that people have an innate desire to learn new things, bettering themselves in the process. The internet, which allows for global communication and information retrieval, is both a perfect example of that desire and a tool that can be used to implement it. One of the optimal ways to do so is through the use of information products, which are essentially bundles of knowledge or expertise that can be sold online.

Why Information Products?

The reasons why people sell information products are varied, but a lot of it comes down to something very simple: time. Time is an invaluable, finite resource, and selling information products means having more of it to do things other than the slog that most have no choice but to deal with – commute, work, and commute again. This isn’t to say selling information products is a breeze and that little effort is required. However, being able to work when and where you want is a benefit that cannot be duplicated. People also generally only sell information products if they truly love whatever it is they are experts in. Enjoying the very thing you have a plethora of knowledge about while helping others attain that same level of insight won’t feel like work.

Formats for Information Products

People’s eagerness to learn means information is a valuable commodity, with billions being spent by consumers every year. A market that large means there is space for virtually anybody with something to offer. In order to share that information, it needs a way to be distributed. Thankfully, we are at a point with technology where most anyone can create something tangible with ease. There is no single option for delivering your information product, so choosing the one you are most comfortable with is crucial. For example, if you don’t like it when people take your picture, making a video probably isn’t for you, so maybe try writing instead.

  1. eBook

The format most commonly associated with information products is eBooks, due to the ease in which they can be written and the low cost associated with doing so. With so many people using mobile devices as the main way they gather information, eBooks have a chance to reach a huge audience. Another benefit of writing an eBook is how easy it would be to have an accompanying audio book to give your audience another option in how they consume the expertise you are delivering.

  1. Video

Another popular way for people to gather information is through watching videos. There are a host of options that can make instructional videos appealing to your audience, whether that is through interviews, specific how-to examples, question and answer sessions, or the use of eye-catching graphics.

  1. Website

At one time, creating your own website meant hiring a professional to get the job done for you, but that hasn’t been the case in quite a while thanks to the proliferation of build-your-own-website businesses that are all over the internet. This option allows you to sell your information product directly to people through a membership, a training course, or a daily email newsletter. Having a website also means the ability to sell physical products to go along with the information that is directly available.

  1. App

There are currently billions of people around the world who use a smartphone, tablet, or both. That number is only going to rise in the coming years, and as such a focus on apps may well be the direction you want to go to sell your information product.

What if I’m Not an Expert?

Frankly, it is not necessary to know absolutely everything about a particular subject in order to sell a quality information product. Expertise is valuable, but knowledge is limited if it cannot be dispensed in a way which is useful to others. It isn’t just the information which matters, but also the manner it is presented. To use an overly simplistic example, lots of people know how to do basic automobile maintenance, but for those looking to change the oil for the first time, can you communicate that in a way they understand? Selling information products on a subject you are an expert in can never hurt, as long as you can convey your message in a way that others will relate to and appreciate.

Can Anybody Really do This?

The short answer to this question is yes, anybody can sell information products online, even total newbies who may not have had any idea about what in information product is until mere minutes ago. The benefits to selling your knowledge are inarguable – are there really people out there who do not want more time away from work while simultaneously helping others obtain knowledge about a subject they love? There are a huge number of format options which should be easy for just about anybody to get a grasp of, and it isn’t even necessary to be an expert in the information you are helping others attain. So can anyone really do this? Yes, they certainly can.

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